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دوشنبه, 21 آبان 1397


Codification Methodology of tourism strategic planning development in Cities which are below

Case study: Ghasran
Student: fatemehsadat Nabiyan
Thesis: Geography and Urban planning
The director: Dr. Mojtaba zadeh
The consultant: Dr. Javidmehr
Today, tourism is one of the ways to save not only small cities which are below 10000 but also the inhabitant citizens from poverty, Immigration, living in suburb of big cities, social and economical problems in capable areas.
Also, it can be considered one of the most important elements in stable development. By considering this important issue , The recent study is going to identify the ability or potential of environmental areas, tourism samples in Ghasran, and codification methodology of tourism planning development by the help of collective internal elements( strong and weak) and collective external elements(opportunities and Threats).
The manner of this research in this study is Analytical descriptive and developmental naturally.
By the use of datas which are gained from questionnaires and data studies for determination of SWOT dimensions, the study sampling, accidental simple sampling and statistical society belong to tourism experts.
The discovery items show that the strong points are 11, opportunities are 12, and the threats are 6.
According to the priority of these elements, we can argue that T2, S4, W3, and O2 are the most statistical studies in codification methodology of tourism strategic planning development in Ghasran which can be a solving way and also it can improve the tourism industry in Ghasran and Shemiranat.
Key expressions:
a. The tourism in small cities which are bellow 10000
b. Methodology and strategic planning of stable development
c. areas of tourism sampling
d.Rodbar Ghasran and Shemiranat District
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