Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Educational Council meetings of UAST-13 pedagogues

Educational Council meetings of UAST-13 pedagogues

The UAST-13 pedagogues of 2018-2019 autum semester attend the Educational Council meatings of the uast-13 to co-ordinate the methodological approaches exclusively for each major.

1. A briefing on educational rules and regulations
2. initiation of the new teachers
3. Introduction of uast-13 website and hows to upload articles and educational material
4. Discussions, views and comments of the teachers
5. Contract signing with teachers of the autum semester 2018-2019

Photography on 07.09.2018

English Translation Studies on 08.09.2018

Accounting on 09.09.2018

Architecture and Graphics on 12.09.2018

Cultural Studies on 15.09.2018

Business Administration and Commercial Advertisement on 17.09.2018

Common Skills on 17.06.2018